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Shower Sprinkles

Shower Sprinkles

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Shower foaming sprinkles 🚿🧼

We are so excited to share this product with you, just like our solid form shower foamers but this is a powered version.

These are not to be mistaken for the normal shower steamers, they are not JUST a steamer for the shower, they are fully assessed and designed to wash with, they have all the goodness in to make your skin feel cleansed, fresh & smooth! Description of use below:

Our shower foamer sprinkles will come in a releasable pouch, labelled on the back with all necessary info.

These are great for the kids to wash with, simply sprinkle on your sponge, flannel etc, lather and wash 🧼

These weigh approx 30g per pouch and they are designed for a ONE TIME USE purpose.

Scents are:
Cherry Jam
Strawberry Melon
Blueberry Lemon
Cucumber Green Apple
Dragonfruit Guava & Papaya
Pomegranate & blackcurrent
Rhubarb & Raspberry
Lemon Candy

DIRECTIONS OF USE: Use as a body skin cleanser designed for single use in a shower. Sprinkle on your sponge, lather and wash. They fizz and foam creating a luxurious lather, smelling amazing and simply dissolving into the water and rinses away leaving your skin feeling soft, alternatively you can pop at the bottom of the shower and as the water hits it, it will release a beautiful scent and lots of foaminess. 

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