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Toilet Fizz (Approx 70g)

Toilet Fizz (Approx 70g)

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APPROX 70g a bag. 

 These Bags are recommended for 2 uses. 

Each bag comes with a fully compliant label & directions of use label on the back.


Simply sprinkle in your toilet bowl, leave for 10 minutes, brush around and flush. Leaving your toilet sparkling clean & smelling fresh. 

Use with boiling water for best results. 

ingredient: Please see label 


They are made with sodium bicarbonate & citric acid which are well known for their natural cleaning properties, our toilet fizz will give you that added extra to your regular cleaning routine.

Our toilet fizz are not just for the toilet, they can be used in your sinks or drains leaving them smelling fresh. Simply sprinkle into the drain or sink basin, and let the fizz do the rest.

While these are brilliant, we recommend using them with a thorough scrub with a brush for best results.

It's important to know that our product is designed to refresh rather than deep clean. However, when used alongside a regular cleaning routine, they will give a great cleanliness and fragrance.  


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